Smile, it’s photo day!

I’m glad I looked relatively okay in my high school yearbook (mostly because we didn’t take individual pictures). In a school of around 1500 girls, I’d say it was a logical explanation that ‘photo day’ meant we’d be posing along with 100 others. So, when I spotted myself in the yearbook, I was a tiny smiling head of happiness. I was either in a group of a few girls holding hockey sticks or my class, smiling and posing and hoping your eyes weren’t closed. In primary school, I was relatively cute enough with getting away with individual snapshots. I had the freckles, the hair and the cheesy grin down.

Apart from that, I relatively like to take photos, not be a part of ‘the captured minions’. I feel like I hold some sort of unequaled power with a camera in my hand. I feel important and people look at you like you have a small alligator.  That’s right…run away.

For many, it’s not as easy posing. I hate it. It’s unordered and fake and I feel like those school ‘photo day’ photographers (usually with 80’s taches and flowered shirts) push you to make an ordered line so they frame can be perfect. There’s nothing great about a bunch of people waiting for the flash.

Photographer man at picture day


For some, yearbooks can be your greatest downfall. Years from now, your friends and once-upon-a-time crushes will look at your photo and say “At least I don’t look like that” or “At least I didn’t get with that”.


I’m exceptionally grateful I didn’t live two decades ago. Despite my great love for 80’s music, the hair is beyond comprehension.

Also, what do you do in an individual photograph? Do you sit straight? Where do you put your hands? Do you flash some pearly whites? Which is your better side? (everyone has a better side) and where do I look? In the lens? At your friend in the queue up next? (which can result in having a laughing photo). Whatever you do remember to hide the evidence because it will usually turn up on your mom’s coffee table of your birthday party. Be prepared.

The pose.


Let’s be different with this shot!

Poor soul

You’re in the school band…do you really need more teenage plight?


Bring props



The look in the sky gaze. Classic.


Be special for mom


Swag nerd.



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