The lovely Lana

Powerful, soulful, unique. Stunningly beautiful. Noted for her classical cinematic sound, Lana Del Rey is a name that should last on my and everyone else’s iPod playlist. With her constant references to pop culture, especially 1950’s USA, Lana brings something different to the music scene. When Lana sings, it seems like she cares about the lyrics she’s giving the world; its emotive and profound.  I don’t get the criticism she receives, but everyone to their own.

Here’s a taste:

National Anthem

Blue Jeans

Video Games


Some tunes

Spring Playlist.

Of Monsters and Men – ‘Little Talks’

Lark – ‘Moonlight’

The Cat Empire – “Sly”

Beach Party – “Over This”

Cults – ‘Go Outside’

Avalanche City – ‘Love love love’

Daughter – ‘Home’

Princess Chelsea – ‘Cigarette Duet’

Goodnight Wembley – ‘Time Machine’

RHCP to SA. Yeah…..!

Can you deal? Red Hot Chilli Peppers are coming to South Africa in February 2013.
With Linkin Park’s arrival, my bucket list was already grinning and doing some sort of happy shuffle.
Now, the funk, alternative, psychedelic is hitting Jozi and Cape Town next year.  Anthony Kiedis (vocals), ‘Flea’, Chad Smith and Josh Klinghoffer are going to jam up the country. And I’ll be up front, grabbing onto my favourites and taking in one of the best rock bands.



(Supported by Die Antwoord)

Ticket Sales: JHB from 29 Aug and CT from 30 Aug on

To look forward to:

Trick of the Mind: Derren Brown

There’s something about Derren Brown that leaves me in awe. He can be grouped in many things: illusionist, mentalist, hypnotist, mind reader. Derren himself doesn’t see himself possessing psychic abilities and deplores those who publicise their own paranormal capabilities. For Derren Brown, its about suggestion, misdirection and showmanship. His “magic” is testament to the vulnerabilities of us humans. He shows us how predictable we are, how we’re finally tuned to process things around us.  For Derren, its about manipulation in reading people’s decisions, thoughts and actions.

Through subtle submission, its amazing how Derren can guide one into a decision. Derren’s shows and appearance give us all a little glimpse into how we think ourselves and how strive for being unique is…well… unfeasible. We’re all the same and give away too much about ourselves.

See for yourself: