King Cruywagen retires

Riaan Cruywagen – synonymous with South African news; ageless (no seriously, he hasn’t aged) and a legend that has been on our TV screens for 47 years – 37 of those as a news reader – (I probably remember 15 years of my 23 years) is set to hang up his meticulous suit and hair after being on our screens for as long as I can remember.

He has announced his retirement and his last day is set up to be on the 26th of November. At 67, its probably time for Riaan to take his shoes off and rest. He’ll always be remembered as the iconic Afrikaans newsreader who told us the headlines like he was born to do it.

Here’s some iconic Riaan clips:

1990 – Report of last law of apartheid abolished

SABC 2 interviewed the legend, looking back on his broadcasting life. “I’ve always wanted to be a news caster…I knew from a 5-year-old…I still learn from all these years…”

Riaan – self-awesomefication: does The Fresh Prince

Making a cat cool:


It wasn’t me…Kaapstad styl ne

Got this via e-mail today. Like this version better.

Shaggy’s ‘It wasn’t me’ in Kaapstad Afrikaans: ‘Dit wassie ekkie’