Shooting the Creative

When applying for a job, a creative would put out his or her best attributes – a strong spirit, energy and buoyancy. If you’re a number-cruncher, it’s more about how you can apply your skills. As a creative, your ideas and passion is what could set you apart (despite your experience and application). I’ve come across a lot of people who look down on the creative and deem any ‘creative job’ quite easy – especially the sullen, slow nod one gets when you tell a crowd you studied Journalism and English. Recently I’ve come across a crowd drenched in accountancy and law jargon that makes my brain hurt and the lucky few who have these deemed degrees look on mine as a ‘toy-puppet-plaything’ degree.


There have been some who have expressed their jealousy of a ‘free’ career but others don’t see beyond the amount of figures one can boast. Maybe, it’s just happened to me? Maybe I’m reading too much into the body language of someone who doesn’t understand how images, video, digital and words can make life so much better. We are all walking-talking stereotypes even if we don’t want to believe it. If one comes across a tattooed, torn jeans wearing man in the street, the brain doesn’t really conjure up a “Oh, he’s an accountant.” The same with the typical IT nerd devoid of social skills or the graphic designer with the fashionable specs and newest Apple product.


“You’re tired from work? But you just write and take pictures?”


The creative life – it might not give you the elaborate lifestyle of a business entrepreneur. Okay, it won’t. You might be stuck in that messed up car and average apartment for a while but does it matter in scheme of things? I’ve decided I’d rather be a journalist than lack any amount of enthusiasm in a job I have no interest in – even if the pay check is heavenly. There has been many friends who have studied medicine, law or business without a clear motivation for doing it besides the clothes you can buy. For me, I can live with the Mr.Price clothes and two-minute noodles as long as I can be as free in the work as I can be.


Apologies to the lawyers, doctors and business students or workforce that have a deep passion for their careers. I’m not saying they don’t. I just see the creative as a defenseless pinata of society. When a Bachelor of Arts student says they ‘read for their degree’, its somewhat laughable to the kid who is pouring potions in a lab or a kid in a suit arguing for his or her case. There is always the same response to someone who says “I’m a doctor” – there’s undeniably more respect for his or her craft. Should there be? A medicine man might well be crucial in society but should there be this forever pedestal? As much as I want to gather respect for my chosen career, society won’t listen. Even in each sub-creative field, there is a group that is looked down on. In journalism, that may be the sports, fashion or gossip writer while the hard news journo wearing the hard hat is bowed down to.

Creatives. They’re a difficult bunch (oops, I made an assumption) and a bunch who I have the most respect for in the world today. In any situation, it’s easier to talk to Creatives about politics and the world around us than anybody else. Maybe because I see myself as one. While society is slowly patting Creatives on the shoulder, there will always be a slight critique of their life choice.

This in mind, I always think my grandparents might love my future husband to be a doctor instead of a freelance photographer. Time to convince them. Creatives live a hard life, so give us a thumbs up! Its not for everyone.



Zipping up Zuma

All art requires courage
To stir, to irritate, to go against the grain
isn’t that what art is all about?

Oh mighty spear, zip it up will you?
Stay rigid in times of struggle; I warrant esteem
A shuffle of the spectacles, a clear giggle, a sex scandal
I’m in power!
I can’t bear the paint
What is this hanging?
It’s private, I’m private, we’re private
I am a stallion but zip it up
While I manage up the fraud, the crimes, my friends in high places
who eat caviar while you eat…
What do you eat?
They have guns, have drivers, have a pocket-full of Visa

Respect me, I say
The rape
The nepotism
The deception
Abide in the concave of our democracy
So the police can reign

You are
Oh, my people

It is my Zulu spear, blunt, unfocused
deadly to the hearts of freedom
Surely, it should be bigger. My spear
No, hide it
So I can hide
Oh don’t judge me my people
it’s not sanctioned
Shout my name
because I am your leader
remember that freedom means you can’t offend me
Don’t hurt my feelings
I’ll hurt your sovereignty
What’s a parody?
What is justice
Stop dicking around
Please zip me up
while I zip you down