OppiKoppi, Paradeisos

Excuse me
while I lose myself
In this dome of dusty tracks, history reloaded & reality deconstructed

Misconduct, reconfigured, shamelessly blurred
The docks fitted with stale beer, hefty blankets of smoke and gore 
Smells of sweet guilt
The couch fleas sucking and sipping
Jumping to the same rhythm
The one in their heads that burn
Let this warped congregation sing its hymns
Oh holy, holy, holy
We’re lost, come find us

The dirt, musk, trample with malice
It smells of a shared promise
One we made to the Gods
That we’ll surrender and scream
dance until our lungs need help
Fortitude within us
Unless you’re on your bed
Crying to be taken
Why would you cease this warped paradise? 
One that promises you complete freedom
And one that ends too suddenly
Leaving you heaving for more 


The concert


Forty thousand memories

and lips that remember the words

Off radio days, that lonely playlist, the TV at 2am

Hands to the sky in case this moment is gone too quickly

A friend’s glance that lasts for the verse you both know all too well

That breathe-in-eyes-closed-tight runaway instant

the lights fade

and we erupt to another consciousness

Where nothing can touch you but the words


Forty thousand reasons why they’re there

Forty thousand whispers to the chorus

A moment where you can scream

your pain

Your happiness

Your ecstasy

In a choir that feels the same way

The forty thousand bodies turned facing

Lights in the dark, a man who grips a microphone

His guitar telling a joke everyone knows

But everyone keeps listening to


And in the crowd

A girl pretends she’s written it all

It’s just for her

The man walks away from his friends and raises a head

It’s just for him

The front-row leaps

The back crew crane and are lost


It’s just for you my friend


And in the echoes,

the encores,

the queues,

the hours that sting of awe afterwards

Your heart is trapped

In the forty thousand


And it’s all for you my friend


Oppi Koppi: the dusty otherworld

 When we die one day, hopefully everyone would have had the taste of an Oppi Koppi weekend. It was my first and while I’ve gone to a few local festivals, I didn’t quite feel like I had roped in enough knowledge about how to prepare myself for Oppi. I figured that no one can really prepare. All you need to do is embrace the unpredictability of dust-covered blankets, buckets full of ill-prepared vodka mixes and the characters we meet along the way. And there are definitely characters that will stand out in their entire hippie, boertjie, poppie, festival junkie state. I didn’t know where I quite fitted in – I was the first-timer with all the excitement I could hold. From Boom Street to Foktrappies, I encountered people who hung on people, the exposed backs and bums of tall dancers who wanted to share their history, music, cigarettes or whatever dear potions they mumbled off. From pyjama outfits to animal suits, the festival allows for a balls-to-the-wall sense of being – anything goes, anyone goes.


 And I kept thinking “Why haven’t I done this sooner?”

There might be a cloud of dust in your throat (the dust was not an understatement that’s for sure) and hard ‘beds’ to go home to (if you happen to remember where your camp is) but there will be an emotion that will trump it all – that you’re in a congregation that adores music and the coming-together of fans or people who just want to break free from the mindless, day-to-day tik-tik-tiking on their keyboards. Perhaps, Oppi is an annual bite of heaven; or something that everyone aspires to after they turn 21: an ever-present youth.


From Jeremy Loops’ seductive, crowd-pleasing antics to the drawl of Mr. Folk in Matthew Mole, the congregation moved like everyone knew everyone. From new experiences in Bye Beneco and the chilled vibes in Al Bairre and Beatenberg, Oppi seemed to churn out musicians in their element. From the absolute mastery of Bittereinder on stage to Crash Car Burn’s old favourites, it seemed that everything that reminded people of work and life and bills and comfort disappeared. And for now we were all experiencing Oppi 2013 in all its glory – and my first one. With the “awe ma se kinders” from Jack Parow to Yellowcard’s flashback to our teenage angst, there was no better way to spend a weekend.


And with the Redbull Stage demonstrating the liberty of dance while the rock stages attracted oldies with ‘Oppi ‘92’ t-shirts, there was an acceptance of all. And yes, we’re all somewhat segregated with our different likes and dislikes but there is no hostility. A music festival is so different and maybe we can all act like perfect friends in that environment because it seems other-worldly; like we’re spending a weekend in an un-burstable bubble away from daily news reports.


The chit-chattering of 4am teeth when the winter seems too long

Deep-dark thumbles and chapped lips

The knocking of portaloo friends and the stink of

wine, smoke, dust

as the sun sets and we order our desserts

The round glasses, the cowboy hats and penguin hats

Coats and jeans and underwear mismatched

And we’re all out of place

The dying, cold fires and tornados of air

The bounce of half n’ half

The colours that make us

All the same but entirely different

The hipster cools

The local wanderers

The zebra pack and whistles late at night

The scream and crackle of the braai


And the ‘good morning, round three’ calls

Couches that are planted in tradition

And flags like pirates after the bounty

The promise of a one-day shower


Why thank you Oppi…

Discovering Devendra

You know when you discover something amazing and want to kick your past self for not coming across it sooner? That’s what I felt like when I discovered Devendra Banhart. I thank the Internet for the find. One of my Twitter friends posted about being jealous of Natalie Portman. Obviously. Who wouldn’t be? Anyway, so I Googled Natalie Portman to find out who she was dating and found images of Natalie and her ex Devendra sharing a cup of coffee. Devendra, the bearded, handsome, indie man with tattoos. After remaining envious of Natalie once again after seeing Devendra’s raw appeal, I found a piece he wrote about their relationship. See here. He’s a good writer, too. Also, he looks like he’ll make you tea and write songs about you everyday. Its his eccentricity that’s intriguing.

And then I thought ‘No way this guy is actually good at music.’ He seemed too perfect. After hearing ‘Little Yellow Spider’, ‘Bad Girl’ and ‘Feel just like a child’, I’m a little obsessed with the brooding indie man. So different and fun – a must in anyone’s collection. Folk rock is nothing without him now to be honest. In his video for ‘Foolin” you will also see his off-beat, comedic side. A man who doesn’t give about what artists need to do to sell. He just is Devendra.

Devendra quotes: I’m not a hippie; I’m not even me. But I’m contradicting myself by saying “I’m not a hippie” and then saying hippie shit like, “I’m not even me.” What’s going on? Who am I? Can I be K.D. Lang for the day?

‘Boofing is the popular practice of shooting alcoholic beverages up your asshole because the capillaries in your intestine absorb the alcohol quickly so if you get pulled over you can’t get a DUI.’


Becau$e they KAn

Die Antwoord have been nothing short of controversial over the years and their new music video ‘Fatty Boom Boom’ is no exception to the zef-balls-to-die-flippin-muur attitude and persona. There’s something that’s peculiar, entertaining, funny and middle-finger-to-everyone that makes Vi$$er and Ninja an appealing act and one of the country’s strangest and most successful exports.

I haven’t seen them live as yet but I will get the chance to see them in February 2013 when they open for Red Hot Chilli Peppers on their SA tour. Check the video yourself – hard hitting, hardcore and a little extra snub to Lady Gaga. Dis nou befok. Sies.

Rocking The Daisies

Its official: I’m Rocking The Daisies! After months of deliberation, planning with friends and gathering some funds (emphasis on some) I have booked my flight to Slaapstad and bought my Daisy tickets (go to http://rockingthedaisies.com/tickets/ to get yours).


And with my fellow Cape Town mates, old and present Rhodes students, the weekend is looking like one that will be written in the ol’ memory book. Its also a time for me to dust off some end of year work routine to embrace Cloof Wine Estate and the sexiness of the eco-friendly festival. Green is so in right now.

Magaliesburg’s ‘Sowing The Seeds’, the immense prelude that took place back in February, was just a little bite of the festival flavour, laid-back atmosphere and music that brings a crowd of everyone together. Hippies, tank tops, sunshine, colour, smoking food, foaming beer and the rough and tough of camping out. Meeting the weird, the wonderful and immersing oneself in the Summer Paradise – a little look into what Daisies is going to be like.

Foot-stomping, bouncing, closed eyes and the seduction of class acts. The line-up caters for everyone.

Here are my favourites:


Saturday @ 11:20 pm

The Brit boys are the main feature of the weekend’s festivities. They’ve been a big deal since 2005 and have been instrumental in defying other indie rock bands. They’re a little bit of alternative cool and with some old and new tracks, crowds will go insane.


Saturday @ 7:25 pm


Friday @ 11:00 pm


Saturday @ 6:05 pm

This was Jeremy at last year’s Rocking The Daisies:


Saturday @ 10:05 pm

December Streets

Friday @ 8:35 pm

Also looking forward to Beast, Black Handed Kites and Shortstraw on the Mainstage.

Electro Stage: Pascal and Pearce, Toby2Shoes, GoldFish

Nu World Beat: Closet Snare, Rumspringer




The lovely Lana

Powerful, soulful, unique. Stunningly beautiful. Noted for her classical cinematic sound, Lana Del Rey is a name that should last on my and everyone else’s iPod playlist. With her constant references to pop culture, especially 1950’s USA, Lana brings something different to the music scene. When Lana sings, it seems like she cares about the lyrics she’s giving the world; its emotive and profound.  I don’t get the criticism she receives, but everyone to their own.

Here’s a taste:

National Anthem

Blue Jeans

Video Games

Some tunes

Spring Playlist.

Of Monsters and Men – ‘Little Talks’

Lark – ‘Moonlight’

The Cat Empire – “Sly”

Beach Party – “Over This”

Cults – ‘Go Outside’

Avalanche City – ‘Love love love’

Daughter – ‘Home’

Princess Chelsea – ‘Cigarette Duet’

Goodnight Wembley – ‘Time Machine’

RHCP to SA. Yeah…..!

Can you deal? Red Hot Chilli Peppers are coming to South Africa in February 2013.
With Linkin Park’s arrival, my bucket list was already grinning and doing some sort of happy shuffle.
Now, the funk, alternative, psychedelic is hitting Jozi and Cape Town next year.  Anthony Kiedis (vocals), ‘Flea’, Chad Smith and Josh Klinghoffer are going to jam up the country. And I’ll be up front, grabbing onto my favourites and taking in one of the best rock bands.



(Supported by Die Antwoord)

Ticket Sales: JHB from 29 Aug and CT from 30 Aug on www.computicket.com

To look forward to: