A quick reminder to adults

Dear Adults,

Stop telling kids what to do when you’re going grey over life and everything in-between  While you book a massage to relax and get away from the stress of your job, kids are getting their feet full of mud and struggling with their straws and what kind of TV show they’re going to watch.

I know, such a crutch.


So adults, while we keep our specific laundry days intact and dream of worlds unknown and desert island adventures, make sure you find your inner child. This does not mean you have to start colouring with your finger or wear Disney shirts. It just means that we’re allowed to have fun and we’re allowed to prolong that playfulness that some lose far too soon. And when you find that fun, don’t let an adult judge you for not being adult enough. There’s no such thing. We might be ‘tied down’ by work, tax and the price of petrol, but that in no way should manufacture your sourness for the world. It should in no way determine your mood about your painful life or your forever thoughts about the ‘good old days’. Those days were good but they should not just stop when you celebrate more birthdays. There can be lots of ‘good old days’ if you live in a positive light. It might be a simple life instruction that many will find hard to live by but it’s definitely not implausible.

What I’m trying to say is: be in wonder. As a child, we are so freakishly alive and aware and happy about simple discoveries that we wake up with a renewed energy to experience everything we can. As ‘adults’, we kind of look past the wonder of an autumn tree or the taste of a freshly baked croissant. We rarely look out the window and just see. We no longer explore. We never ask ‘why’ like we did when we were kids. We are confined to a world that is so adamant that you grow up and become a grown up. It’s hardly a fantastic thing to be in its social context. A grown up sits with the expectation of bills and being stuck in a life, a job, a relationship, a route to work.

As kids, we ask the world why it is like it is.

As adults, we accept over and over again, devoid of the need to learn.

Never stop learning

Never stop experiencing

Never stop seeing

or exploring

or asking “But why?”


“Why not?”

We can still be the ones to pay our tax and live life.


turn on ‘invincible’ switch

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!” ― Hunter S. Thompson

There’s a crick in my neck on my 23rd birthday.It’s today. It’s as if Age slapped me awake saying “This is how it all starts and feels, buddy.” There is a downcast feeling of birthday-ing after you’ve revelled in your teens and drunk-up 21st. But today, it’s a little great to wake up being older, wiser, happier and ‘in my prime’ so to say. I wouldn’t say I’ve got boring. Or have planned on having babies like so many girls my age. I think I will live in a complete ‘me’ state until I can. I still see myself as a kid, a flip file with a whole lot of plastic sleeves yet to carry the memories, trips, old and new friends, love, satisfaction, disappointment and laughter. Right now, its commonplace for me to start paying bills, buy myself stuff, and make sure I plan out a budget; chit-chat about Zuma’s ANC, the damn petrol price and wrinkle cream.

Actually, last night a bunch of my friends got together and the wrinkle cream debate came up. How early is too early? Is it too early? Never thought I’d be thinking about it. The thought’s disappeared now. Anyway, I think it’s a considerable crossroads now. When you’re 23, you’re not young. Certain social spots are drenched with soaked up high-schoolers whose vocabulary consists of “wasted” and “OMG”. I used to be like that. Then again, 23 is not old. You can get in any ‘older’ club now but you still breathe youth. No bald spots. No wrinkles. No grey touts. I’m a kid though. Cartoons. Rock. Free entrance. Cheap food. Cheap booze. Cheap calls. While I live in luck for the moment, with good friends, the best family, a great job and straight teeth, I am exultant to be looking ahead and enthralled at what Age might bring me. When the unexpected might turn up.

Yesterday builds tomorrow and while I pine for more, I know that something lies ahead of me now. Passion and upgraded thoughts of voyages to everything and nothing, meeting people who are characters in thought but real in talk, in experiences. I am happy to meet the future me. I’m considering busting out Fun’s “We Are Young” or Alphaville’s “Forever Young”.

Today is the youngest I’ll be again. While you’re reading this, it’s the oldest you’ve ever been. When we were young, our minds were turned on Invincible. Don’t grow up and switch that attitude off. It’s the wisest manner to uphold every day you’re alive. Here’s to my twenties.