Becau$e they KAn

Die Antwoord have been nothing short of controversial over the years and their new music video ‘Fatty Boom Boom’ is no exception to the zef-balls-to-die-flippin-muur attitude and persona. There’s something that’s peculiar, entertaining, funny and middle-finger-to-everyone that makes Vi$$er and Ninja an appealing act and one of the country’s strangest and most successful exports.

I haven’t seen them live as yet but I will get the chance to see them in February 2013 when they open for Red Hot Chilli Peppers on their SA tour. Check the video yourself – hard hitting, hardcore and a little extra snub to Lady Gaga. Dis nou befok. Sies.


Avastar EverZef

Theme: over the top. A flash of neon everything, sickly sweet cocktails and gel people.
Rivonia has got a new embarrassing asset in Avastar Night Club.

Agggh, flames! Lazer in my eyes!

Instead of the blue creatures James Cameron brought us, AvaZef will take you to a magical world where glow sticks
and semi-nakedness reigns. Vegas-inspired neon mind-blowing zef.

Can this be any more zef-ball?

Anyway, it could be popular for those who want to klap the beats hard bru.

Wait is that Snooki?